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Krealogy is formed by combination of two aspects - creative and logic. Both aspects which lead to humanity’s progress are equally poised in its formation. The creative aspect conceives solutions for reaching the goals and the logic aspect ensures we stay on course with real processes.

Krealogy Consultancy Private Limited was formed with the sole aim of offering marketing solutions to businesses. With over 25 man years of experience in creating marketing strategies that ensures that businesses can reap rewards from their products faster than by any other method, Krealogy is a cut above the rest. Krealogy is founded on the principles of trust, value , transparency and honesty.

Our Approach Methodology

We have a customer centric approach to each customer’s need. We analyse the situation, the product, the market in a very objective manner and arrive at conclusions which will help us set goals. Based on the goals we creatively think of all possible solutions to the reach the goals, weigh each strategy and finally arrive at the most feasible strategy. Armed with set hard coded processes for implementation , the strategy is rolled out. With periodic monitoring the results are checked for its closeness to goals and correction is done where needed to achieve goals. All these ensure that we achieve our goals in a systematic manner.