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Client Stories

Schatz Investments LLC

Need : Business Consultancy Solution: Schatz Investments LLC is a well-established Dubai based Investment management company with interests in Forex, commodities and bullion. They approached us as part of their expansion to ensure that they are on track with their business strategy, marketing strategy , business process engineering. We did complete analysis of their business,...

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Need : Marketing Strategy , planning and implementation Solution: Leaderpods is a IOT Technology startup. They approached us to get consulting on marketing strategy and then implement it. We did a thorough analysis of the IOT market and came up with the latest in marketing strategy including the market positioning, USP and the competitive edge...

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Need : Marketing Strategy, Branding Strategy & Marketing Tools Solution: Gypelite is one of the few gypsum companies in India. Headquartered in Oman, they engaged us to give them a penetration strategy for South India. We arrived at a highly B2B focused strategy which took care of their initial concerns with budget. We planned it...

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Murugan Networks

Need : Marketing Strategy , Branding Strategy , Marketing Tools. Solution: Murugan Networks iss a startup who have good range of IT services line but had no idea how to take it to the market and drive profits. We created a marketing and branding strategy supported by marketing tools which ensured that their startup didn’t...

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Builders Plaza

Need : Marketing Strategy , Branding Strategy , Marketing Tools Solution : Builders Plaza is a building materials company specializing in sanitary fittings. They were struggling for sales following the downturn in the construction market. We created a marketing strategy and a branding strategy which invigorated the team to perform better with more effective penetration.

Karupiah Group of pharmacies

Need : Marketing Strategy , Branding Strategy, marketing tools Solution : A well-established company with chain of pharmacies were having trouble retaining their customer and approached us for regaining lost ground. We created a marketing and branding strategy which repositioned them as a top pharmacy in that particular locality.

Asia Exports

Need : Marketing Strategy, Branding Strategy, Marketing tools Solution : A manufacturer of a pain balm wanted marketing strategy and branding/marketing tools to launch their product into their target segment. We studied the market and arrived at a penetrative marketing strategy and created branding and marketing tools to support the same.

Jem Broadcast

Need : Marketing Strategy , Branding Strategy, Marketing Tools Solution : A leading communication equipment manufacturer wanted to increase their brand awareness and thereby increase sales. We carved a marketing, branding strategy supported by deal clinching marketing tools which ensured their brand value increased and subsequently their sales too improved.

GT School

Need : Marketing Strategy, Branding Strategy, Marketing tools Solution : A leading educational institution in the state, wanted marketing strategy to improve their brand value and enrollments. We did a market survey and based on that we created a marketing strategy supported by branding and marketing tools and ensured they achieved their goals.

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